Reopening in 2018

Due to a change in our supply chain we have to temporarily suspend sales from the site. Once resolved we will return.

Stay tuned!



1. Who can wear Rez Made?  

Rez Made is for people who live on the rez, people who come from the rez, people who have people on the rez, and people who want to support an American Indian owned company with a vision. 


2. What does Rez Made mean?

A better question would be, what is a reservation or reserve?  Reservations and reserves are the heartlands of many indigenous cultures across North America.  It is here that contemporary reservation peoples, in all their beauty and complexity, are able to continue maintaining, creating, changing, and responding to today's world.  Rez Made is one such response.

Another better question might be, what does Rez Made mean to you?


3. What is the circle-feather?

The feather is, among other things, a symbol of individual excellence. The circle is, among other things, a symbol for community.  The circle + feather together = the interdependence of individual and community.

Want more?  Good.  We're always happy to say more.  In the coming weeks we'll be posting an article better explaining Rez Made's philosophy.  


4. Define "coming weeks."

"Coming weeks" = "anytime in the next 3 years or so"  (We run on rez time.)


5. Are your clothes printed on the rez?

Not yet.


6. Is Rez Made an all-native owned and run company? 

No - Rez Made is and always will be a collaborative effort between natives and non-natives.  Rez Made is, however, American Indian owned, and is the result of one American Indian's vision for what a clothing company can be. 


7. What's the language used on the home page?

The language is nitsipohsin, the language of the Nitsitapii, more commonly known as the Blackfoot Confederacy.


8. I love your photos - who is your photographer?  

Our photographer is Tyler Jackson Wilson.  You can see more of his awesome work here: 


9. How do I get a zip-up hoodie? 

We are currently working out the details in our printing and shipping process for the zip-up hoodies.  As soon as we've got it, you'll get 'em.  


10. Do you ship internationally?

For now we only ship internationally to Canada.  We will be shipping to other countries soon. 


11. When will I get my order? 

All orders received after 4 p.m. MST will be processed the following business day.  Expect to receive your order in 8 - 12 business days.  


12. There are shirts & hats displayed in photos on your home page that are not on the products page - when / where can I get them?

The shirts & hats in the home page photos that are not available on the products page will be available soon.


13. What's your return policy?

If you're not satisfied with your Rez Made gear, drop us a line at and let us know what's up.  If it turns out you're serious about returning an item, it should be unworn and unwashed - you know the drill. 


14. I'd love to drop you guys a line - how would I do that? 

Just send an email to  We look forward to hearing from you!